Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Family of Four - The First Week

What an amazing whirlwind of a week it has been!!

We brought Anna Sophia home last Tuesday and have been loving every minute of it!! Even the sleepless nights...I forgot what it was like to wake up multiple times at night. When we had Eli I thought I would never sleep again, but eventually he started sleeping all night :) I know this is just a phase and before I know it she'll be all grown up. Anna has been adjusting well to our family. She is a little joy and quite content except when she is hungry, sleepy or gassy. When she is awake she is cooing, squealing with delight and smiling that beautiful smile!! We have been able to soothe her when she is upset by giving her the paci and rocking her in our arms. We had lotts of practice rocking and bouncing around the house trying to get Eli calmed down. He was a fussy little guy and gassy too!

The first few days we were home, I spent alot of time just holding little Anna. She slept in my arms for quite a few hours and I just love watching her peacefully sleep. Our agency recommends that we try and hold her a much as possible in the beginning to foster the bonding and attachment process. I think she is starting to recognize Scottie and I...she will just smile when you go to get her from the crib. How cool is that!!!

I am pleased to say that Eli has been an awesome big brother!! He is so proud of little Anna. We have been reading two books alot this week The Bernstein Bears New Baby and I'm a Big Brother. He has been hugging and kissing her and laying with her on the play gym and entertaining her. He has also been a great helper! Anna loves to watch Eli play and will just watch every move he makes. I'm excited about the day when they can play together.

On Friday, we took Anna to her 4 month check-up. The general consensus from Dr. Gessner is that she is a healthy, happy baby. She wasn't too happy when she got two shots:( Poor thing! Here are Anna Sophia's latest stats:

Weight 16lbs. 11oz. That explains why she can't wear 3-6 month clothes
Length 25 3/8 in.
She was a little grumpy the rest of the day and sleepy. The doctor said the shots may make her sleepy and/or fussy.

After, the doc appointment we came home to pack for our trip to Charlotte. Scottie and I were scheduled to attend the 2nd adoption training which is required for adoptive parents. Once we found out that we were picking Anna up on Tuesday, we thought for sure that we would postpone the training and attend the next workshop. The agency thought it would be good for us to try and make the workshop now. We called Linda and ask her if she could meet us in Charlotte and stay with us in the hotel for Friday night so we could bring Anna and Eli with us. Thankfully, she graciously came down with Morgan and watched Eli and Anna for us. Friday was also Linda's 60th birthday!! We celebrated at the Outback Steakhouse and Jerry, Tracy & Cortney joined us too! Anna did pretty well with Linda...she wore out Nana! After the workshop, we headed back to Raleigh with Morgan in tow. We were exhausted and glad to be home!!!

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