Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting Ready

We have been very busy the last few days getting ready for our baby girl. On Saturday, we started the day with breakfast at Panera Bread. We came back home to start getting the baby gear down from storage. We were able to find everything...thank goodness. I spent most of the morning organizing the nursery and getting it ready. My friend, Laura, was getting rid of her girl clothes a few months ago. I decided to buy them from her just in case we got a girl. We also borrowed clothes from our friend Jenny that she had from her girls. Needless to say...we have all the drawers and most of the closet full of clothes. Thank you guys both!! We are so blessed. I am so excited about all these cute clothes and dressing up a girl!!! I've dreamed about this day for so long...

Today, we went to church and shared the praise with our Sunday school class. They were all so supportive and are going to be bringing us meals. We are so thankful for our church family and all the prayer support. After church, we had lunch at Fat Daddy's with Terry, Barbara and Marcie. Next was a stop at the mall to pick out a coming home outfit...a cute pink dress :) We came home and Scottie and Eli enjoyed the nice weather on the trampoline and I headed to Target for the baby necessities (diapers, wipes etc). Our friends Clint and Jenny offered to babysit while we had a nice dinner out. We celebrated at the Angus of our favorites. It was nice to sit and chat about the next few weeks. We also discussed our name choices...we have it narrowed down to a few. We must decide by tomorrow to complete the adoption paperwork. I'll let everyone know what we choose.

One major change, we talked to the agency today and we will be picking up the baby on Tuesday instead of tomorrow. The agency needed another day to complete the paperwork for us to sign. We are a little disappointed, but on the bright side we have another day to prepare. Only two more days til we meet our precious baby girl.

The most amazing thing about this whole process is that God has orchestrated it all. I have seen his hand working in our adoption from the birthmother's selection of our family, the timing of the call we received last Saturday, to the simple provision of clothing. Praise the LORD!!
I will praise the LORD God with a song and a thankful heart. Psalm 69:30 (CEV)

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