Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

So I haven't been so great about updating the blog since we got little Anna. As you can imagine there has not been much free time lately. Things are going pretty well. We are just trying to figure it all out with two kiddos and how to juggle everything.

Eli has been a awesome big brother. He is so sweet and loving to Anna and loves to give her hugs. He also has been a good entertainer especially when we are in the car and Anna gets fussy. Eli will be in the backing singing to her trying to get her to stop crying (I think he is imitating Scottie). Scottie will make-up songs and sing to Anna when she gets upset. It's so cute to see Eli taking after his daddy. We've had some moments with Eli too were he is choosing not to obey. I'm sure this is part of the transition to sharing the attention with his sister, but we are working on that!! It could be just some normal 4 year old behavior too!

Anna is a little joy!! She is changing everyday. I feel like she has always been in our family and we are so blessed to have her! We are still not sleeping through the night, but I'm planning to work on that hard core this week. I'm praying to help get her on a good routine with sleeping, eating etc. The naps are still sporadic at best and hopefully soon she will be more consistent. Last week was a little rough for us on the sleeping. She was waking up multiple times at night and that wears you out! I've been under the weather last week with a sinus infection/seasonal allergies, so that makes being sleep deprived even harder. I'm starting to feel better, so hopefully this week will be better!

This weekend my Mom offered to watch the kids for us on Saturday to have a little break. We did some stuff around the house and went to dinner at Kanki. I think it was our first date since getting Anna. It was nice to have a uninterrupted conversation and just hang out together. We went to church today for the 11am service and put Anna in the nursery for the first time. My co-teachers at Awana were helping in her class today, so that worked out great. When we picked her up she was sleeping in the swing. We definitely we able to get more from the worship service without having her in the service with us. It is very hard to listen when you are trying to keep a baby quite.

Here are a few pix...I hope to update more regularly.

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